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Shaun Bailey accuses Sadiq Khan of ‘£ 4.68 billion tax grab’ UK News

Shaun Bailey accused Sadiq Khan of a ‘£ 4.68 billion tax grab’ when he outlined his own plans to cut costs for Londoners if elected on 6 May today.

Speaking at the launch of his new campaign bus, the Conservative candidate told the Local Democracy Reporting Service that all of his plans, if he is to be London’s next mayor, “are to reduce the cost of living in London. “.

Mr Bailey said: ‘If we continue on Sadiq Khan’s current trend, we are ready to pay an additional £ 4.68bn in taxes over the next three years, and that’s just when London is trying. to recover from the effects of Covid. . The next year or two will determine the next 10 to 15 years of economic development in London and, by extension, across the country.

“So what I am going to do is I will reduce the 10% increase in the housing tax that Sadiq Khan just made, I will not expand the ultra low emission zone, I will not introduce certainly not a Tax at the London border as well. All of these are aimed at lowering the cost of living in London. ”

Sadiq Khan has previously accused Mr Bailey of using “fantastic numbers”, and a spokesperson for the Labor Party in London today said the figure of 4.68 billion pounds was “completely ridiculous”.

The spokesperson said: “These ridiculous claims are so ridiculous and devoid of any basis in the real world that we are starting to pity the Conservative candidate. His campaign started to look more like a comedy sketch than a real campaign for the mayor of London.

“For the avoidance of doubt – these are made up numbers, unfounded in the real world and Londoners should just ignore them altogether.”

Of the £ 4.68bn figure, £ 3.3bn comes from the estimated cost of the proposed three-year Greater London border charge, which has been suggested as a way to raise funds for TfL if excise duty on vehicles is not transferred to London.

TfL is currently studying the feasibility of the charge, which would apply to motorists arriving in London from outside the capital.

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