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Interview with Princess Diana: Documents suggest BBC bosses are more worried about whistleblowers than if Martin Bashir falsified bank statement | UK News

Documents seen by Sky News suggest that senior BBC management were more concerned with punishing whistleblowers than investigating why Martin Bashir allegedly falsified documents prior to obtaining the 1995 Panorama interview. with Princess Diana.

In a few weeks, it is expected that Lord Dyson, charged with investigating how the interview with Princess Diana was obtained, will report on his findings.

The BBC asked her to investigate following claims that Bashir used false documents to convince the princess that she was being spied on by the Secret Service.

Sky News has seen some of the internal BBC memos that will have been part of the investigation and highlight the type of questions Lord Dyson is likely to have asked of those involved in the BBC and those close to the Princess.

The documents appear to show inconsistencies in how Martin Bashir met Princess Diana, who knew how he got the scoop, and raise questions as to whether there was a potential cover-up within the BBC to avoid that the success of the interview is not overshadowed.

Newspapers show that Bashir was not officially sanctioned when it emerged that he had rigged a bank statement, but there was a determination to berate the “runaways” who warned the press and “warded off the troublemakers persistent program “.

Internal memos also highlight the level of self-congratulations that unfolded within the BBC after the interview, including a series of handwritten notes written by Tony Hall praising those involved.

Hall was then Managing Director of News and Current Affairs and went on to become Managing Director of the BBC, from 2013 to 2020.

The program won a BAFTA award for Bashir and was one of the most watched programs in the history of the company.

Diana talks to Panorama presenter Martin Bashir in 1995
Diana told Martin Bashir during the …

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