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Meet the contenders for Edgware, Barnet UK News

Voters will head to the polls in Edgware next month to elect a new ward councilor.

The Tories won a large majority in the neighborhood in 2018, which candidates from the Labor Party, Liberal Democrats and Green Party hope to overthrow.

We take a look at who is running for Edgware ahead of the May 6 election.

Nick Mearing-Smith – Conservative Party

Time series: Conservative candidate Nick Mearing-SmithConservative candidate Nick Mearing-Smith

Nick Mearing-Smith, who lives in Edgware, was previously a Bristol City Councilor before moving to London for career reasons.

Nick said: “I am honored to have been chosen by the Hendon Conservatives to run as the Conservative candidate for Edgware in the upcoming byelection.

“I have now been a resident of Edgware for several years and hope to be able to use this previous experience as an advisor, along with my local knowledge, to serve the people of Edgware.”

Cllr Dan Thomas, Head of Council and Conservative Group, said: “Nick is a hard-working local activist who cares deeply about Edgware and the local residents. He brings a wealth of experience as a former senior business leader and will be an asset to our Edgware Conservative team.

“I look forward to working with Nick in the months and years to come, especially on the important work of rejuvenating downtown Edgware.”

Andrea Bilbow – Labor Party

Andrea has lived in Edgware for 35 years and her two children attended Barnet schools.

Andrea said: “I am an active advocate for children with special educational needs, and I founded and lead the national charity for people with ADHD.

“I know that being a counselor is putting your community first, listening and understanding problems, and helping to find creative ways to solve them. It is very much in line with the work that I have done over the past 25 years.

“I believe that understanding, compassion, resilience and being a good active listener are vital skills and attributes that I have nurtured over many years with my charitable work, and I think they are real strengths.

“I want to make sure that the board is held accountable for its policies, especially regarding children and families, and issues that impact the quality of life and the environment for residents of Barnet.

Roger Tichborne – Liberal Democrats

Time series: Roger Tichborne, Lib Dem candidateLib Dem candidate Roger Tichborne

Roger is a musician and small business owner with roots in Edgware. As a teenager, he lived in Warwick Avenue, Broadfields, and attended Orange Hill School.

“I bought my first guitar and my first amplifier from Don Mackrill’s music store in Edgware,” he said. “It gave me a deep love for the shopping district and an appreciation for the need for dynamic and independent businesses.”

The main priority of Roger’s campaign is to save the Railway Hotel, a Grade II listed property in the heart of Edgware which he claims the council has ‘left to neglect and ruin’.

He also plans to protect green spaces, strengthen social housing in Edgware, make the local Edgware plan more resident-friendly, and invest in active and sustainable travel.

“The past year has been very difficult for everyone in our community,” added Roger. “Whatever happens during the local elections in May, I am personally committed to supporting our community during this time.”

Dr Sam Murray – Green Party

Time series: Green Party candidate Sam MurrayGreen Party candidate Sam Murray

Dr Sam Murray is Professor of Music at Middlesex University and lives on the Broadfields Estate in Edgware.

Sam said he is keen to support businesses and freelancers by examining how the board can extend holidays and fee exemptions for businesses and fight for additional support for freelancers who have often been overlooked throughout the pandemic.

In response to the climate crisis, he declared that he would “work to improve the air quality in our neighborhood, protect and restore nature in our neighborhood and ensure access to green space for all by tackling the green belt gold, and help Edgware play. its role in the fight against the climate emergency by placing it at the heart of decision-making ”.

Housing is another key issue in the campaign for the Green candidate. “If elected, I will work to ensure that residents’ voices are heard on housing and I will solicit action from council leaders so that residents can have a say in developments,” added Sam. .

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