Travelers have been ordered to leave Goring Gap Brighton News

OTHER caravans have received notices urging them to leave a popular beauty spot.

A court hearing has been set aside for Wednesday April 28 to grant the order to withdraw the Goring Gap traveler camp.

Photos taken from the site show the assorted caravans and other vehicles parked at the popular beauty site, which receives thousands of visitors each summer.

According to West Sussex County Council, if the order is granted, it will be enforced if the travelers’ camp refuses to leave.

Council officials continue to monitor the site, as well as Sussex Police.

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A spokesperson said: “There are currently 12 caravans parked at this location.

“All have received a notice asking them to leave the field. A hearing has been scheduled for Wednesday April 28.

“If the removal decision is granted, it will be enforced if the travelers do not leave on their own.

“We will continue to monitor the site with Sussex Police.”

It comes after a group of travelers were seen setting up a camp at Stanmer Park, Brighton last month.

The Argus: The Goring Gap Travelers CampThe Travelers Camp at Goring Gap

Up to six trailers and other assorted vehicles have been pictured parked at Stanmer Park, near the University of Sussex.

At the time, Labor MP Lloyd Russell Moyle said: ‘We all need to share it and that includes supporting the traveling community.

“They [the Travellers] must also work with the board to ensure that when the right time arrives, they move to the next site.

“The board needs to make sure the sites are appropriate and negotiate a stopping point for them.

“And we all have to make sure the site is clean. This is how you deal with these issues, by all working together.”

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This notice was published: 2021-04-24 17:50:00