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A TECH Company Has Shipped Its 100th Laptop To Help With Kids’ Online Learning.

Over the past year, teachers and students have had to adapt to a new way of learning. Many students have seen their homes become their classrooms, although it has been difficult for some without the right equipment.

Some schools have received help from Sopro to cope with the difficulties after their founders heard about the difficulties children face in accessing online learning tools. Joining forces with Tech-Takeback and the Tarner Community Project, they launched a call called Level Up Laptop in January.

The initiative has now delivered over 100 laptops to help Brighton’s children learn at home. The laptops that took them to over 100 went to Benfield Elementary School in Portslade. School principal Gemma Chumnansin is happy with the new laptops and hopes it will improve the learning experience for children.

The Argus: Principal of Benfield Primary School, Gemma ChumnansinPrincipal of Benfield Primary School, Gemma Chumnansin

She said: “During the lockdown and closure of schools, most of our students started learning from home and suddenly found themselves accessing their education through online learning portals.”

“We were able to provide laptops, tablets and Chromebooks to families without access to technology, but it underscored the importance of equal access for all students. We are very grateful to receive these laptops, which will help our students engage in an increasingly digital world. ”

The initiative has also raised more than £ 10,000 to date. Level Up laptops have received donations from Midnight Communications, Pitch121, Brighton Bus, Invyte Partners, Recruiter on Demand, Encore Fitness and Aderns UK Ltd.

Ryan Welmans, Managing Director of Sopro, North Street, thinks it’s great that the initiative has been successful in helping so many children.

Mr. Welmans said: “Tackling the digital divide is something that is close to our hearts at Sopro. Having access to a laptop and online learning resources will make a positive difference in the lives of local children and give them a much better chance for success in education and later in life. ”

“So it’s fantastic to have reached this milestone of over 100 aircraft.”

The Argus: Gemma Chumansin and Jake Arney from Tech-TakeBackTech-TakeBack’s Gemma Chumansin and Jake Arney

Tech-Takeback is a non-profit company made up of experts in circular economy, data erasure, data security, reuse and recycling, with a primary focus on reusing small electrical devices to bridge the digital divide. and social.

David Greenfield, Founder of Tech-Takeback, added: “In an increasingly digital world, it is essential that children can access technology at school and at home in order to acquire the vital skills that come with digital inclusion. ”

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