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Boris Johnson Apartment: The public ‘not interested in wallpapers or sofas’ – Minister Therese Coffey dismisses the line | Political news

A cabinet minister dismissed lingering questions about how the renovation of the prime minister’s apartment was funded, saying the public is not interested in “wallpaper or sofas”.

Work and Pensions Secretary Therese Coffey downplayed the impact of a number of allegations Boris Johnson, which are in part the result of an ongoing feud with his former chief adviser Dominic cummings.

“I sincerely believe that people are just more interested in going about their day-to-day lives and the actions we are taking to help them get back to a ‘new normal’ like after COVID,” she told Sky News.

More questions are being asked about Mr Johnson’s renovation of his private flat above 11 Downing Street, after No.10 and the Tory Party did not deny reports that the Tory campaign headquarters (CCHQ) allegedly paid the Cabinet Office to cover the initial costs of the work.

It comes after leaked emails showed Tory donor Lord Brownlow said he paid the Tory Party £ 58,000 to ‘cover payments’ the party had already made.

Mr Johnson is now reportedly in the process of paying back the Tory Party, with Ms Coffey telling Sky News: “The right statements will be made, the Prime Minister has paid it personally.”

Number 10 said more details on the renovation of the Prime Minister’s apartment will be included in the Cabinet Office’s annual report this year.

But Ms Coffey hinted the public was not interested in how and when costs were paid for Mr Johnson’s renovations, despite the lingering lack of clarity.

‘I guess for a number of people, as we try to get through and fight the virus and get people back to work, I don’t think the majority of the UK public is in any way interested in wallpapers or sofas or something, ”she added.

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