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COVID-19: British Coronavirus Passports for Overseas Travel “Coming”, Greece Says | UK News

COVID passports allowing Britons to travel abroad this summer are “to come”, the Greek government has said.

Many overseas vacation destinations will require visitors to have been vaccinated against COVID-19[female[feminine or provide proof of a recent negative test before entering the country.

Coronavirus passports, also known as health certificates, would allow vacationers to meet this requirement.

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The Times reports Harry Theoharis, the Greek Minister of Tourism, saying his country is ready to welcome again British tourists who have been vaccinated twice and the handwritten NHS card – which shows the name of the person, the vaccine that has taken him been administered and the dates they were vaccinated. vaccinated – would be sufficient proof of inoculation.

However, a spokesperson for Mr Theoharis told Sky News that only official documentation would be acceptable – and that the Greek government understands that a UK health certificate will be available.

They said: “We only accept official documents issued by the relevant UK authorities which prove the details of the vaccination.

“If someone has documents that are not issued by anyone, we ask for a negative test.

“We understand that a health pass will be available soon.”

Tourism is a key industry for the Greek economy, and declining travel receipts, coupled with the impact of national lockdowns, have helped push the country into recession.

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