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Barnet advisers turn down 8-story building in Hendon UK News

Plans for an eight-story building and office space in an area of ​​low-rise houses were refused by councilors.

Proposals from developer Readyset Resources for a site for a former police station at 133 Brent Street, Hendon, were rejected at a planning committee meeting on Tuesday.

Barnet’s council received 52 letters of objection to the plans and only eight to support them, with opponents warning they would be irrelevant, overlook neighbors and worsen parking and congestion issues.

Planning officials said the program should be turned down, noting in a report that the site is outside of an area reserved for high-rise buildings in the local plan.

Speaking at the meeting, opponent Ashley Katz told councilors: “The proposed development is a large building and therefore is not compatible with the immediate neighborhood in terms of setting, scale and volume.

“The location and design detracts from the nature of the surrounding properties and the quality of life for those who live in its immediate surroundings.”

Katz added that the program would undermine the suburban character of the area and not give all households a choice in affordable and commercial areas.

“The proposed development does not seek to protect and enhance the parade of neighborhood businesses in terms of contributing to sustainable suburbs and shopping – in fact, it does the opposite, by acting as a drain on already hardened and underprivileged people. pressure. local community on the main street, ”he said.

A supporter of the project, named after Mr Bishop, who lives on Westchester Drive, told the committee he had not been able to find local commercial space as many offices had been converted into homes.

“(The development) will create jobs, housing and economic activity, which our local centers desperately need to survive and thrive in this digital age, which is killing so many beloved shopping streets in our beloved neighborhood,” said he added.

Barry Ackerman, director of Readyset Resources, said the building was designed to avoid neglect and called it a “catalyst for regeneration”.

He said the decision to approve blocks up to 24 stories in the Crown Honda showroom in Colindale supported the request because that site was not in an area designed for high-rise buildings.

In the vote, Cllrs Richard Cornelius (Tory, Totteridge) and Elliot Simberg (Tory, Hale) voted against the officers’ recommendation to decline the scheme.

Cllrs Danny Rich (Labor, West Finchley) Tim Roberts (Labor, Underhill), Gill Sargeant (Labor, Colindale) and Helene Richman (Conservative, West Hendon) voted in favor of the refusal.

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This notice was published: 2021-04-28 11:30:00