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COVID-19: NHS app will be used as coronavirus passport for international travel, confirms Grant Shapps | Political news

Britons will find out which countries they can travel to without quarantine this summer “in the coming weeks” – as the transport secretary has confirmed that an NHS app will be used as a COVID passport to travel abroad.

Under the prime minister Boris Johnson’s roadmap For the lifting of the lockdown restrictions, international travel without one of the current exemptions – which exclude vacations – will not be permitted until May 17.

Live COVID Updates with Latest Summer Vacation

The ministers drew up plans for a “traffic light” system that will be used this summer to classify the various destinations.

And, speaking to Sky News on Wednesday, Transport Secretary Grant Shapps revealed “in the coming weeks” that he will be able to give details of which countries have been on the “green” list.

These will be destinations where Britons can travel without having to self-quarantine on their return, although they will still need to be tested for COVID before they leave, as well as upon their return to the UK.

Mr Shapps also confirmed that an NHS app will be used to allow Britons to demonstrate whether they have had a COVID jab or have tested negative for the virus, before traveling abroad.

“This will be the NHS app that will be used by people when they make appointments with the NHS and so on, to be able to show that you have received a vaccine or that you have been tested,” he said. -he adds.

“I am working internationally with partners around the world to make sure this system can be recognized internationally.”

Government sources have clarified that it will not be the NHS COVID app – currently used to “check in” at places such as pubs and restaurants for contact tracing purposes – but rather the NHS app used to book general appointments.

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