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Candidates vying for a seat in East Barnet UK News

Candidates from five political parties are vying for a by-election in East Barnet.

Here’s a look at those hoping to win votes on Thursday, May 6.

Gabrielle Bailey – Green Party

Gabrielle has lived in Barnet for most of her life and says she is committed to making it a great place to live.

“I am interested in a wide range of issues, especially those related to improving health and reducing poverty,” she said. “I want to improve local air quality by reducing traffic, preserving green spaces and encouraging more sustainable transport.

“Housing issues are important to me, whether it’s making sure tenants aren’t being exploited by greedy landlords, or preventing our green spaces from being sold to developers.

“I am also interested in the fight against food poverty – a somewhat hidden but very important problem in our region and something that I myself have experienced in the past.

Sean Hooker – Liberal Democrats

Time series: Lib Dem candidate Sean HookerLib Dem Candidate Sean Hooker

Sean has lived in the borough since he was a child and currently lives in East Barnet. He works as the head of a government approved organization that resolves complaints against rental agents and real estate agents.

Its main objective is to ensure that the development of the Victoria Quarter proposed for the former site of the Albert Road gas plant is done in a sensitive, sustainable and environmentally friendly manner.

He says he also wants better local transport links and will push for a new bus line to serve residents who lost access to the 384 service when it was rerouted.

Sean says he will campaign for more police to deal with the rise in burglaries and anti-social behavior.

Linda Lusingu – Labor Party

Linda is a lawyer who has handled numerous cases of violence against women and girls. She was a school principal and volunteered for the Citizens Advice Bureau.

His immediate priority will be to campaign so that the government does not reverse the decision to refuse “massive development” of the old gas plant.

Linda also wants to clean up the streets of the borough, protect parks and green spaces and make sure there is enough funding for local preschools.

“More needs to be done to make our streets safer for women and girls by addressing street harassment and behaviors that lead to domestic violence and sexual violence against women and girls,” he said. she declared.

Alex Merola – For the British movement

Time series: for British Movement candidate Alex MerolaFor British Movement candidate Alex Merola

Alex describes himself as “a 20 year old patriot from Barnet”. He represents the far-right movement For Britain, founded by anti-Islam activist Anne Marie Waters after her departure from Ukip in 2017.

“My main priority in this election is to oppose the markers of unnecessary and dangerous cycle paths installed on the roads of Barnet,” he said. “I also support small businesses and personal freedoms, which is why I oppose any form of local foreclosure.

“I want green bin collections to be free and to protect local heritage from being deleted or renamed.”

Nicole Richer – Conservative Party

Time series: Conservative Party candidate Nicole RicherConservative Party candidate Nicole Richer

Nicole was born in Barnet and has lived in the borough her entire life. She works as a project manager in the education sector and is a school administrator.

Nicole says she will fight hard to make sure East Barnet receives its fair share of council spending, as its goals are to invest in roads, clean up neighborhoods and invest in infrastructure development for a greener Barnet.

She says she understands how important it is to maintain the beauty of East Barnet and that she will fight to stop overdevelopment and protect green spaces.

Another of her top priorities is working with the local police and the Safer Neighborhood team to tackle crime and anti-social behavior.

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