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COVID-19: Government drops ‘barbaric’ self-isolation rule for residents of health centers after threat of legal action | UK News

Residents of nursing homes will be able to leave for “low risk” visits without isolating themselves for 14 days upon their return.

The change comes after the government was threatened with legal action – with family members claiming the existing rules were “barbaric.”

Starting Tuesday, residents will be able to leave their care homes for a walk, or visit a loved one’s garden, and have no restrictions on their return.

However, they must follow social distancing and be accompanied by a member of staff throughout – or one of two people who are their named visitors.

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They will not be allowed to meet in groups and will only be able to go inside to use the toilets or to vote in the next local elections.

Residents may also be able to eat out at a restaurant with their caregiver or a designated visitor if this has been agreed in advance with the nursing home.

Some rules remain unchanged. People attending medical appointments and doing night visits will still be subject to a 14-day isolation period.

John’s Campaign had threatened to start legal proceedings next week unless the general requirements were removed.

Co-founder Nicci Gerrard said: “Why did this rule never exist in the first place – deprive people of their liberty, turn nursing homes into jail, treat a group of people with such cruelty.”

Co-founder Julia Jones added: “It should never have been considered permissible to confine adult members of society without their consent (or those who speak for them) simply because the address happens to be the one of a care …

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