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COVID-19: People in South Asia were more at risk than others in England in wave 2 | UK News

South Asian communities in England faced higher levels of COVID-19 infection, serious illness and death in Wave 2 than any other ethnic minority group, scientists say.

While disparities in hospital admissions and deaths improved for most ethnic groups between the first (February to September 2020) and the second wave (September to December) the pandemic, it has expanded for people of South Asian descent.

The research was published in the Lancet medical journal and is based on 17 million adults in England, in what is believed to be the largest study to date.

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Dr Rohini Mathur, of the London School of Hygiene and Tropical Medicine, said: ‘Despite the improvements seen in most ethnic minority groups in the second wave compared to the first, it is worrying that the disparity is growing. is carved out between South Asian groups.

“This highlights the urgent need to find effective prevention measures that match the needs of the ethnically diverse UK population.”

Factors such as body weight, blood pressure, underlying conditions and even household size could be some of the main factors affecting COVID-19[female[feminine mortality in South Asian communities, scientists say.

More intensive strategies to help improve outcomes in South Asian communities are called for by researchers, as well as to help reduce structural disadvantages and inequalities.

Dr Mathur said: “Although multigenerational living can increase the risk of exposure and transmission (from children or working-age adults to older or vulnerable people …

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