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Line of Duty peaks in its season six finale - and you can play our bingo game below (Photo: BBC)
Line of Duty peaks in its season six finale – and you can play our bingo game below (Photo: BBC)

Play our Line of Duty bingo game below – but remember to stick to the LETTER of the law …

Line of Duty Season Six comes to its climax tonight, with millions expected to hear if the Gail Vella case will be resolved – and if we will learn the identity of “ H ” – in the season finale. six.

But aside from the famous twists and turns of Jed Mercurio’s crime show, another reason he’s become such an audience success is the characterization and famous lines that have become synonymous with Ted Hastings and his AC-12 team. .

Whether it’s “curved brass,” “the letter of the law” or “Mother of God,” Superintendent Hastings has most of the best catchphrases.

But watch out for other situations that have become Line of Duty staples, like the prolonged sound of the tape recorder, Steve Arnott’s iconic vest, or DCS Carmichael’s already iconic smile.

Then there are the acronyms. OCG (organized crime gang) is guaranteed to come back again and again, but will CHIS (Covert Human Intelligence Source) make a comeback, after everyone in the UK has searched for it on Google after the first episode from season six?

You can play with our bingo card, or if you are over 18 and leaving for the holiday tomorrow, why not make it a drinking game? (Drink responsibly, as Hastings would advise).

Print our Line of Duty Bingo Card (Graphic: NationalWorld)

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