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Martin Lewis has warned people who are now commuting to work due to Covid to check their insurance policies before a rule change next week.

And if that happens, you risk a fine of £ 300.

When you purchase auto insurance, you are asked how you plan to use the vehicle, including whether you are going to commute or use it for social purposes only.

This will influence the amount of your premium, as different types of driving carry different risks.

The Argus: Motorists now commuting to work due to Covid are warned to check their policies before rule changeMotorists Now Coming To Work Due To Covid Are Advised To Check Their Policies Before A Rule Change

Last March, the Association of British Insurers (ABI) introduced additional support to make it easier for employees to travel during the lockdown.

This meant that staff members could get to work without extending their policy, even though it stated that they would only use the vehicle for social purposes.

However, ABI has now confirmed that these temporary measures will end on April 30, following several extensions during the lockdown.

This means that drivers should check that they have the correct policy if they plan to travel by car after this date, if their insurer is a member of the ABI.

If your insurer is not a member of the ABI, you should still check your policy to make sure your insurance covers you for your trips.

If you don’t tell your insurer, you could invalidate your policy, which means that on your journey you are driving technically uninsured.

The consequences of driving without insurance are six points on your license and a fine of £ 300.

During this time, most insurers will continue to help drivers use their own cars voluntarily at no additional cost.

The Argus: Martin Lewis published the advice in his weekly newsletterMartin Lewis published the advice in his weekly newsletter

Whether or not you are covered for your trips will depend on the type of insurance you have purchased, the provider of your choice and the wording of your policy.

Ryan Fulthorpe, automotive expert at Go Compare, said: “To reflect changes in driving behavior as commuting and driving between different workplaces begins to recover, insurers have reconsidered their position.

“From May, drivers who have insured their car only for social, domestic or pleasure purposes, but following the pandemic now use their car to get to work, will have to upgrade their coverage.

“If a motorist does not declare that he is going to work or that he drives for work, it could invalidate his insurance and driving without insurance will lead to heavy penalties.”

Martin Lewis also warned drivers to check if their photo license needs to be renewed or if they risk a similar fine.

Last year, the DVLA automatically extended the licenses for renewal.

He said all licenses that were due to expire between February 1, 2020 and December 31, 2020 would be granted an 11-month extension.

But this expansion started on the day the license expired, so those that were due for renewal early last year will now need to update their documents.

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