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Buy a longer wheelbase five-door Defender 110 and Land Rover will give you a choice of five, six or seven passenger seats – the option of the middle position being possible thanks to a “ jump seat ” that fits between driver and passenger seats, where the center console would otherwise be. Unfortunately, there is no eight-seater option, for legislative reasons that Land Rover has not yet confirmed; a fact that probably won’t stop some people from upgrading used seven-seater booster seats in the years to come, of course.

Even without an official eight-seater option, this car has impressive versatility. A good percentage of families who currently have no choice but to buy a three-row car and accept the inevitable sacrifice of cargo space may well prefer six seats in two rows, with plenty of room. remaining cargo space. The seven-seat Defender has third-row chairs that are a bit smaller than those of the companion Discovery, but still perfectly usable by children, teens, and smaller adults.

It’s an expensive car, with even the cheapest five-door passenger car models pushing £ 50,000 – but unlike the old Defender it drives almost as well as almost any luxury SUV of its size and size. its type, has a wide range of modern vehicles. electrified powertrains, and has off-road capabilities to spare. As a desirable large family workaholic, you couldn’t ask for better.

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3. Kia Sorento

The absolute truth about full-size seven-seater SUVs, which many cars in this table confirm, is that most of them don’t come at the same price as a full-size MPV. The Kia Sorento, which just entered a fourth generation model, was a rather glorious exception to this rule. Now that it has taken on a more upscale look and feel, it’s not quite the job it once was. However, you can still buy one for a shade under £ 40,000; and whether you buy a diesel, a gasoline hybrid or a plug-in hybrid, you will get seven good-sized seats, which makes the buying process pleasant and straightforward – and this is one of the reasons why we recommend it in such unconditional terms. .

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