How Northern Bloc set out to create truly delicious vegan ice cream Business News


s I write the line “I don’t normally eat ice cream,” I hear the words of an old blues singer spin around my head: “Of course I don’t drink – unless I’m alone or I am with someone. Maybe everyone has to eat ice cream sometimes. Because it is there. And I found myself particularly drawn to the Northern Bloc box in the ice cream section of Waitrose for two reasons: the word ‘vegan’, and those other essential words, ‘white shock and honeycomb’. So naturally I had to do some serious product testing – and have a word with the two Northern Bloc co-founders, Dirk Mischendahl and Josh Lee.

Dirk emphasizes that the first criterion of ice cream is that it must be delicious. “It must be as good as if it were served in a Michelin-starred restaurant. The vegan community had low expectations. They were ready to accept to eat cardboard. We felt that was unacceptable.

Josh, the younger of the two, is also concerned about sustainability. “Everyone started using soy, but it’s terrible for the environment. We started with a rice base, but the water consumption is heavy. So we switched to peas with oats. The carbon footprint is much smaller and everything is grown in the UK. And they use a fully biodegradable pot.

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This notice was published: 2021-05-12 20:30:56