Stellantis boss promises 10-year investment plan for Alfa Romeo Car News

Alfa Romeo will receive 10 years of long-term investment and the support to succeed from Stellantis boss Carlos Tavares.

Alfa is one of the 14 brands of Stellantis, which was established earlier this year after the merger between FCA and PSA. Former Peugeot boss Jean-Philippe Imparato has taken over the management of Alfa and Tavares said of the Italian company: “We will do what needs to be done to be very profitable with the right technology.

Speaking at the Financial Times’ Future of the Car Summit, Tavares said: “In the past, many other automakers were willing to buy Alfa. In the eyes of these buyers, it is of great value. They’re right. He has great value. “

Alfa’s 10-year plan has yet to be decided, but Tavares said it would inevitably involve electrification, but also a continued focus on driving dynamics.

“He will be moving to the world of electrification,” Tavares said, “but doing so in a dynamic fashion, with a passionate and successful CEO of Peugeot. Imparato is an Italian citizen and runs the brand with passion and vision for what needs to be done ”.

Regarding what Alfa needs to improve, Tavares said: “We need to improve the way we talk to potential customers. There is a disconnect with the products, the history and who we speak with. We need to fix the distribution and understand who we are talking to and what brand promise we are talking to them about. It will take time to get it right. “

Tavares has named Alfa as one of Stellantis’ three premium brands, alongside Lancia and DS, each with their own challenges of building from scratch or returning to the glories of the past.

“My clear leadership position is that we give each of our brands a chance, under the leadership of a strong CEO, to define their vision, build a roadmap and ensure they use the valuable assets of Stellantis to fly their business case, ”Tavares said.

“We’re giving everyone a chance, giving everyone a 10-year window of time and providing 10-year funding to develop a basic model strategy. CEOs need to be clear about brand promise, customers, targets, and brand communication.

“If they are successful, so much the better. Each brand has the opportunity to do something different and to attract customers. “


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