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Meadowhall boss slams ‘aggressive men’ who don’t wear masks and ‘claim to have asthma’ UK News

Security teams have repeatedly faced a “ combative ” response from shoppers – especially teenagers who “ just don’t bother ” to wear a mask and “ tell you that ‘they are exempt because of asthma,’ according to center director Darren Pearce.

He said the ‘bounce back’ of trying to make sure they were carried was their biggest frustration. And the exemption rules were too broad.

He added, “I have never known so many people with asthma in my life.

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Sheffield MP Clive Betts chairs the Housing, Communities and Local Government Committee meeting.

“It’s a very conflictual and combative situation. We can only ask if people are exempt and we’re getting very aggressive feedback on that.

“The rebound we’ve had is especially from young men in their late teens and early twenties who just don’t bother to tell you they’re asthma free.

“Our security teams are stuck in the middle. People say they don’t comply and we call the police because it’s against the law and then it’s all over social media. “

Mr Pearce was testifying online at a meeting of the Housing, Communities and Local Government Committee chaired by Sheffield MP Clive Betts. The discussion, titled ‘Supporting Our High Streets After COVID-19,’ featured evidence from top bosses in Timpson, EE and JD Wetherspoon.

Meadowhall renovation

Mr Pearce said the problem was likely to worsen when indoor dining and the cinema reopened on Monday.

He added: “Compliance in this group is particularly difficult.”

Police can fine people who do not wear a mask “without reasonable excuse”.

Meadowhall Police Sgt. Paul Robinson said: “Throughout the Covid-19 pandemic, our role has been to support Meadowhall staff, who speak to people first in the event of a suspected violation. Covid-19 regulations.

Meadowhall boss Darren Pearce testifies at committee

“We continue to engage with members of the public, advise on current Covid-19 restrictions and explain to them why they should be followed. This involves speaking to anyone who is not wearing a face mask, unless they are wearing a visible exemption lanyard.

“Enforcement is always a last resort, but we have the power to issue fixed penalty notices in cases where non-compliance persists or a risk to broader public health.”

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