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With over 20 years of home renovations and expansions under my belt, I don’t know much about transporting items. But more than anything, it’s the IKEA cabinet door test that stays in my mind the most.

These are pretty much the longest flatpack available in the store and are around 2.2m long. There aren’t many cars that will accommodate them, especially thought my old 2006 Volvo V70 T6 Autocar with a long life, thanks to the folding front passenger seat.

I once shipped five immensely heavy solid oak kitchen countertops from the Midlands in the V70 like this. He only protested a little.

I also managed to memorize the station wagons with the longest loading bays, because you never know when you are going to be put into action.

Nothing beats the Mk2 Skoda Superb (a whopping 2.13m long) aided by front seats that can tilt their backs almost to level. Then there is the Mk 3 Superb (2.06m) and the Mercedes S212 Class E wagon at 2.01m. The additional space can usually be negotiated by pushing the front passenger seat forward.

I currently own an S212 and it also gets a high score for the load bay width. So many modern estate boots are neatly trimmed with square sides, which is fine for lifestyle weekends, but less useful when there are tips.

Of course, the big problem with conventional station wagons is the lack of height. Furniture is generally prohibited. Having built-in furniture shipped is often expensive and inconvenient, as I discovered a few years ago during a flatbed makeover.

The truth is, there is only one true all-round manufacturer car and that is the Ford S-Max. It has length (1975 mm for the current model) and interior height. The Mk2 is also incredibly wide on the inside, easily beating my Mercedes. Better yet, with the two rows of rear seats folded down, the cargo bay is flat on a pool table.

I have to take a short trip last week in the new hybrid version. While not quite as snake as the original, nor as wildly catchy to drive, it steers and rolls like no seven-seater is allowed to. And that would be a much more civilized way of traveling than an LCV.

By the way, Ford really missed something with the S-Max in my mind. Although he looks incredibly vibrant, would it have been so difficult to give him the “Active” treatment?

Just to add coating on the wheel arches and wheel sills, slightly raised ride height, and bulky “ skid plate ” bumpers? The S-Max is probably the Crossover every family needs, but don’t buy it. It feels better, drives better, and is much bulkier than the average SUV.

But back in the IKEA parking lot, there’s a really compelling accessory that makes the S-Max the ultimate gentleman-builder’s van. Ford sells a steel mesh bulkhead that clips behind the front seats.

This means that I could safely load the back of the car and greatly reduce the risk of being beheaded by my magazine collection or a box full of CDs. I can’t think of a better, more civilized, and more entertaining way to move a handmade kitchen unit from Norfolk to New Forest.

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