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Chinese start-up Faraday claims to take a different approach to car manufacturing, one that mirrors tech giants like Apple. She sees her big FF91 sedan as a platform to sell digital services, and arguably access data, as much as a car. Even so, it is certainly a fast in-line platform, its trio of engines producing 1,035bhp and the 0-60km / h dashboard should be completed in just 2.2 seconds. There are currently no plans to bring it to Europe, but in the US it will cost £ 90,000 when production begins later this year.

Pininfarina Battista

Underneath the Battista’s curvaceous carbon fiber skin is the same powertrain used in the Rimac C_Two. With four engines and a combined output of 1877bhp, performance is fierce, and although official numbers have not been released, insiders believe a two-second 0-60mph time is on the cards. Although closely related to the Rimac, the two only share around 50% of their components, so the 150 buyers of the £ 2million Pininfarina will receive a bespoke machine. The hefty price includes driver training in a Formula E car run by parent company Mahindra.

Tesla Model S Throw

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