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What is step 4 to facilitate locking? What will happen on June 21? | UK | New UK News

“And at the moment the hospitalization rate doesn’t seem to be going up yet, although if it becomes much more common we will almost certainly see an increase, so I think that’s definitely a concern.

“I think the fourth step is in doubt in June now, but we really have to see what impact it has on serious illnesses before we can really be sure.”

Asked about the doubts on June 21, he said: “Well, because if the epidemic continues to increase, if the Indian variant of the epidemic continues to increase at the same rate as in the past few weeks, we’re going to have a lot of cases in June.

“The problem is, as it seems to be spreading in young people who are unvaccinated at the moment and not yet much more active in the elderly, we may be able to overcome it and we can still pass stage four. in June.

“But if that increases cases in the elderly and starts to increase hospitalizations, and puts pressure on the NHS again, I think the fourth step would be in doubt.”

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This notice was published: 2021-05-16 12:43:47