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“When discovered and brought to the dealer’s attention, evidence of a MIAFTR-clear history check can’t be considered a suitable defence. Saying that a car is clear on a write-off history check isn’t the same as saying that it has never been declared a write-off.”

The MIB claims it is working with the insurance industry to improve data quality. The spokesman said: “In November, we introduced a new field to help us measure how quickly the database is being updated by insurers after the salvage category has been applied. The new field will enable us to identify errors and outliers more effectively and work with the industry to address them quickly.”

Until write-off reporting methods improve, the consequence of an incomplete and inaccurate MIAFTR database is that people will, unwittingly, continue to buy write-offs they were told were clear by sellers and by some vehicle check companies. People such as Alan and Nicky Meah and Dan Benson (see left and above)…

Alan and Nicky Meah – 2018 Citroën C3 Aircross, 57 miles

This almost-new C3 Aircross seemed perfect when Alan and Nicky Meah bought it from their local Citroën dealer in 2018; the Citroën Select approved-used scheme checked it with HPI, which declared it ‘write-off clear’. However, when the couple took their car to a bodyshop for repairs after a parking scrape 12 months later, their confidence in that label evaporated.

“The bodyshop could tell from previous repairs that the car had been in a serious crash, consistent with falling nose first from a transporter,” says Nicky. “So I contacted the dealer, who arranged to have it inspected. The report was a whitewash, so we commissioned an independent inspection, which found extensive evidence of poor-quality repairs.” It transpired the dealer had bought it from a site owned by the UK’s largest car salvage dealer.

The dealer says the Meahs caused the damage, but the independent report casts serious doubt on this claim. Citroën’s customer care team told them to address their queries to the dealer. With the help of Rejectmycar, a dispute resolution service, the Meahs have rejected the C3 and are seeking a full refund.

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