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COVID-19: People living in virus-susceptible areas with high rate of Indian variant cases should ‘think carefully’ about new freedoms, Van-Tam warns | UK News

People living in COVID hotspots with high rates of Indian variant cases should “think carefully” about the new freedoms that have arrived this week, Professor Jonathan Van-Tam said.

From Monday May 17, groups of up to six people, or as two households, were allowed to meet indoors in England. And people can meet outdoors in groups of up to 30 people.

In addition, indoor hospitality – pubs, restaurants, cinemas, theaters, museums, galleries, concert halls, children’s play areas, hotels, guesthouses and indoor exercise classes – has been permitted in the part of the third step of the roadmap out of lockdown.

A coronavirus information board in Bolton
A coronavirus information board in Bolton

COVID updates live from UK and around the world

Cuddling between households is allowed for the first time since COVID-19[female[feminine restrictions began over a year ago and the ban on overseas vacations is lifted – but the government advises that overseas travel to most countries should only be for essential purposes .

When asked during a briefing if he would advise residents of areas such as Bolton where coronavirus rates are high from taking advantage of changes in lockdown rules, he said: ‘I would advise residents of these areas think very carefully about the freedoms they have. , weigh the risks and be very careful. “

England’s deputy chief medical officer added to Downing Street coronavirus press conference: “If it is possible to do something outside, it is better to do it outside.

“If it is possible to do something with a smaller number, with people you know rather than with several new contacts, it is better to do it.

He continued, “The government has given people the freedom to start making these judgments on their own.

“And I understand that we cannot live years and years with rules, people will have to learn to manage these COVID risks on their own because it is not going to go away in the short term, medium term and …

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