Volkswagen ID X: 329-horsepower 4-wheel-drive hot hatch concept revealed Car News

Volkswagen CEO Ralf Brandstätter took advantage of his personal Linkedin account to discover a new surprise concept car: the ID X.

The accompanying photos say little, but it is clearly a performance-focused redesign of the ID 3 electric sedan, marked by a distinctive gray and green livery, large-diameter alloy wheels wrapped in high-profile tires. low profile and sport seats covered with Alacantara.

Most notable, according to the limited details revealed by Brandstätter, is the significant performance upgrade it promises on all variants of the ID 3. Total power is set at 329 hp, which is not only 128 hp more than the most powerful variant currently on sale. , but also 27 hp more than even the hot GTX version of the larger ID 4 SUV.

The ID X contains a version of the four-wheel drive system of the ID 4 GTX, while the current ID 3 models are rear-wheel drive only. It was believed that this system could not be adapted to the standard length SEM architecture of the ID 3, and it is not clear whether this concept compromises on seats or storage capacity to make room. for larger foundations.

The concept is said to weigh 200kg less than the standard ID 3, although details on how this weight loss was achieved were not given. The pictures only show the front cabin area, so it’s likely the back seat was removed for the purposes of this showcase.

After a test drive of the concept, Brandstätter revealed that it will hit 62 mph from rest in 5.3 seconds and is equipped with a dedicated Drift Mode – as featured on the new Golf R hot hatch.

Brandstätter said that although the ID X is not intended for production, Volkswagen will “pick up a lot of ideas” from the project. It was created, he said, because the engineers who worked on the ID 4 GTX “discovered the fun of developing high performance electric cars, so we let them do it.”

As previously reported by Autocar, Volkswagen’s R division is making a plan for a full-flow version with the R-badge of the ID 3 as the first electric vehicle, which is expected to hit the market in 2024.

Development director Frank Welsch previously told Autocar that while the ID 3 can accommodate a four-wheel drive system, it is unlikely to do so “during the first generation.” A substantial power boost and two powered axles, he said, are prerequisites for any R model.


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