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Star: What is the Disney Plus adult channel, list of TV shows and movies, and is it free? UK News

Is the new Star add-on worth signing up for Disney +?

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Disney + had arguably the most fortuitous streaming service launch ever, arriving in the UK on March 24, 2020, just as the lockdown began and millions of worried parents were worried about how they were. would entertain their homebound children.

Now one of the leading UK streaming services, there are nonetheless still those who believe that the platform is only intended for children or family households, not adults.

Star’s launch aimed to address this, as Disney + has now doubled its content library, introducing movies and TV shows intended only for adults. The price of the streaming service has dropped from £ 5.99 per month to £ 7.99, still less than Netflix’s £ 11.99 per month. You can register here

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What does Disney + Star show?

Star means Disney released 75 additional TV series and over 270 movies to the streaming platform in one day, with new titles to be added each month.

As mentioned above, these are designed to be priced higher for adults. When it comes to cinema, that means titles like Borat, Braveheart, Cocktail, Die Hard, Pretty Women, The Favorite, and the Grand Budapest Hotel are coming to the scene.

On the TV side of things, Star will see the release of fan favorites like 24, Firefly, Family Guy, Grey’s Anatomy, Modern Family, Lost, Prison Break, and The X Files.

Over time, Star Originals will also be added, including Big Little Lies crime thriller Big Sky and The Undoing creator David E. Kelly.

What about other non-Netflix streaming services?

Netflix has been the market leader in subscription streaming services in the UK for so long now that it is seen as a flaw – indeed, ‘Netflix’ is often used as a synonym for television. We talk more about “watching Netflix” than “watching TV” now.

But with that level of fame and ubiquity comes a certain degree of undue familiarity: after all, how often do you and your roommates sit, scrolling through Netflix, unable to find anything you fancy? to watch and you haven’t already watched?

Make no mistake: the streaming service has its place. But if you’re looking to try an alternative, whether it’s to augment or replace, here’s our take on other paid streaming services in the UK.

Disney +

Disney + is making The Mandalorian the most expensive TV show ever – and a fierce success.

Notable shows: The Mandalorian, Wandavision, The Simpsons, National Geographic, The X Files

Notable Movies: The Marvel franchise, the entire back catalog of Disney and Pixar, Hamilton

We won’t mince our words: If you have a kid in your household (or, in fact, a teenager), Disney + is a godsend.

This isn’t shocking news: the backlog of every Disney and Pixar movie, the Star Wars franchise, everything Marvel Studios has ever done (if you’re unfamiliar, it’s the superheroes that do. tongue-in-cheek comments), 31 seasons of The Simpsons, The Mandalorian, The Frozen movies – anyone under the age of 18 is bound to find hours of entertainment at Disney +.

What surprised us about the platform is the amount of content available to those who post their teens. From the recording of the Broadway sensation Hamilton with the original cast (yes, it’s as good as everyone says), to the deliciously daffy ‘The World According to Jeff Goldblum’, to National Geographic documentaries. , it suited us better than we expected. .

With the addition of “Star”, Disney + has incorporated an age-limited section aimed at adults. It hosts classics like Lost, 24, Desperate Housewives, Prison Break, The X-Files, Atlanta, Black-ish, and How I Met Your Mother.

We started watching Disney + in July 2020 with a cancellation plan after our free trial – all we wanted was to watch Hamilton. Since then, it has become our most used streaming service, and we wouldn’t even consider doing without it.

We found the service to be trouble-free. Shows pick up where you left off. Fun, if you will excuse the cliché, for the whole family.

Seven-day free trial, then £ 7.99 per month without a contract. register here

Number of shows: 1000 movies and over 750 TV shows

Number of profiles per account: 7

Maximum stream at a time: 4

Playback available: HD and 4K

Compatible with: Smartphones, tablets, computers, smart TVs, TV streaming devices

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Amazon prime

Amazon Prime: The Boys, a cult hit on the streaming service

Notable shows: Seinfeld, The Handmaid’s Tales, The Vikings, The Expanse, This Is Us, Jack Ryan, The Boys

Notable Movies: Knives Out, One Night in Miami, Widows, Sylvie’s Love, The Gentleman

In terms of selection, Amazon Prime offers something to smile about. From the tongue-in-cheek comedy inspired by New Yorker Modern Love, to the hit series Jack …

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