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Cancel Culture Academics Attack Shakespeare for “Problematic of Racialized Sexist Dynamics” | UK | New UK News

Shakespeare’s texts have now been deemed “racially problematic”. There is now a Globe Theater project to “decolonize” Shakespeare’s work by highlighting how he casts black as negative and white as “fair” or positive. Shakespeare’s dramas are now considered “problematic” in associating whiteness and beauty.

Academics involved in a Globe Theater project to ‘decolonize’ his work have participated in a series of ‘anti-racist Shakespeare’ seminars aimed at ‘decolonizing plays’.

The Globe Theater said the academic study was aimed at removing barriers that can hinder their enjoyment or performance.

The academics deconstructed A Midsummer Night’s Dream in the first seminar.

During the seminar, Bard’s famous play turned out to present “a gender problematic and racialized dynamic”.

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They referred to the character of Lysander who said “who wouldn’t trade a crow for a dove?”

Mr Billingslea said it was a line “assigning a value to these birds because of their color”.

Associate Professor Vanessa Corredera added: “If you put the play in context with other Shakespeare plays, and even the Sonnets, that language is everywhere.

“The language of darkness and light.

“There are these racializing elements.”

A number of Shakespeare’s sonnets were then deconstructed.

One of his sonnets was considered problematic because it contrasted “Fair Youth” and “Dark Lady”.

The academic seminar organized by the Globe Theater was tasked with finding an anti-racist approach to Midsummer Night’s Dream for teachers, students and theater professionals.

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