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The mayor of BRIGHTON has said he is keen to support the return of visitors to the city amid the easing of Covid restrictions.

Councilor Alan Robins is in office for a second year after the coronavirus disrupted the duties of mayor until 2020.

He still managed to attend 145 engagements, despite multiple lockdowns and many canceled events.

Councilor Robins said he was touched by the way communities in the city have worked together to support each other during the pandemic.

He said: “I hope it will be more normal for me as mayor and I look forward to all of you joining me at future events.

“Brighton, Hove and Portslade have a long and established history as a city open to visitors and investors.

“I want to continue supporting this during the year the city recovers from the pandemic.”

Last year, a decision allowed Councilor Robins to assume the apolitical role for a second year due to the pandemic.

He has attended many engagements including diplomas and artistic events on health, wellness and heritage.

While plans for the coming year include a health charity walk, a guided tour focused on the women behind the Blue Plates, tea in the Pavilion Gardens, and a choir night at All Saints Church.

Councilor Robins will continue to support Sussex Heart Charity, Brighton Fringe, Leo House at Home, Together Co and Off The Fence over the next year.

In October, a compassionate service could take place at at The Dome to honor all those who have lost loved ones during the pandemic.

Council leader Phélim Mac Cafferty congratulated Councilor Robins on his year in office.

He said: “Under the circumstances you have been a gracious, friendly and acceptable mayor, despite the circumstances.

“Let’s keep our fingers crossed as things unblock, I know you want to get out and I hope you can do so in the months to come.”

L'Argus: the mayor in actionThe mayor in action

Councilor Robins was confirmed in his role at the annual council meeting on Thursday.

There were 14 councilors at Hove Town Hall, the minimum number allowed for decision making, and others could watch.

Labor Group chief adviser John Allcock appointed Councilor Robins, underlining his pride in representing South Portslade for the past ten years, the region where he was born.

Councilor Allcock said: “He is a popular adviser, highly respected and regarded by councilors from all political parties and none.

“Alan has worked hard as mayor during what we all know has been a difficult year during the pandemic, chairing plenary council meetings remotely and bringing a welcome warmth to our virtual deliberations.

Councilor Allcock said he hopes that as lockdown restrictions ease Councilor Robins can take advantage of the role of mayor he should have played over the past year, moving around the community. .

Labor Party co-leader Carmen Appich and Conservative group leader Councilor Steve Bell spoke about Councilor Robins’ career in painting.

Councilor Bell said: “When you are released in the city, I am sure that with your business skills you will paint the city many, many different colors.”

Brighton and Hove’s first woman leader, Councilor Mary Mears, also got a second year as deputy mayor.

New Conservative Councilor Anne Meadows praised Councilor Mears for representing her residents of coastal Rottingdean for over 23 years.

Councilor Mears led the council from 2008 to 2011 and won the title of Local Government Person of the Year in 2011.

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