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Three-year-old Dayaal Kaur scored 142 results on the company’s high IQ admission test. Although Mr. Einstein never took a Mensa test, his IQ was estimated to be 160.

Ms Kaur’s result places her in the top 99.9% for her age group, with Father Sarbjit Singh claiming she could recite the alphabet at just 14 months old.

After being approached by a nursery about her outstanding performance, Ms Kaur’s parents paid her to take a Mensa test.

This revealed that she had the math and word recognition skills of an average five-year-old.

Mr Sarbjit is pushing for his daughter to be pushed to a year old when she enters local primary schools to make sure she has academic difficulties.


Dayaal Kaur has an IQ score of 142 (Image: Birmingham Live)


“She could recite the alphabet around 14 months” (Image: Birmingham Live)

Speaking to Birmingham Live, he said: “I remember one day when Dayaal was about 13 months old I said number ‘one’ and she responded with ‘two’ so I said ‘three’ and she said ‘four’ and it continued until 15!

“She would get jokes and tell me how she felt, saying ‘sun’ when the sun was in her eyes at an age where you thought she really wouldn’t know what the sun was.

“She could recite the alphabet around 14 months old and name all the planets, two years old, and regularly asked us questions that we had to answer on Google!”

“I’ve always talked to Dayaal in an adult way, not to mention baby and whatever I say to her, she would understand, put something in the trash to go get a diaper,” said Sarbjit, whose wife Raj works as a lawyer.

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“I have always spoken to Dayaal in an adult way” (Image: GETTY)

“She could follow adult films like The Martian and understand the plot and the funny passages.

“We were in a supermarket and she was having a conversation at the checkout, asking people about their children and their ages. People would turn to me and ask me how old she was and I would say two.

When Dayaal started the nursery, Sarbjit’s beliefs about his daughter’s intelligence were confirmed.

“The nursery manager wrote us a letter saying that Dayaal far exceeded any provision they could provide,” he said.


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Dayaal Kaur and his family are from Birmingham (Image: Birmingham Live)

“She said that in 15 years of babysitting, she would never have come across a child like her who was not only academic, but also outgoing with a sense of humor.”

Raj and Sarbjit set out to try to find a suitable setting to meet Dayaal’s needs and challenge his abilities, but they found it difficult.

So they decided to pay for a Mensa test that took place online during the lockdown. They had to leave the room while one of Mensa’s chief psychologists, Lynn Kendall, assessed three-year-old Dayaal.

“We sat outside the room by the stairs and all we could hear was Lynn Kendall laughing with Dayaal and when we got back she said you had to sit down for that,” he said. -he declares.

“She explained that Mensa only accepted the richest five percent in the UK and she said Dayaal was in the top 0.01 percent,” he added.


Dayaal is due to start at a local Birmingham primary school (Image: GETTY)

She said that put her in the first row of the first row. She said her IQ was 142 at the age of three. Apparently Einstein’s highest IQ was 160 and I don’t know how old he was when this was measured.

“She said Dayaal was really amazing, that she was a warm girl with an incredible sense of fun. She said it was a real novelty to meet someone who had such a high IQ and so down to earth. “

The Mensa test was performed on October 3, 2020 when Dayaal was three years and 11 months old.

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It examined reasoning, problem solving, knowledge and vocabulary, visual-spatial processing, and working memory.

In her report, assessor Lynn Kendall said: “Dayaal is an exceptionally capable little girl whose intelligence drops to the 99.9th percentile for her age.

“I would rarely recommend accelerating a child outside of their age group. However, given the capacity and maturity of Dayaal, in this case it might be worth considering. “

Additional reporting by Zoe Chamberlain.

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