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The Duchess of Cambridge jokes about getting a Spider-Man costume for Prince William as she praises the ‘amazing’ photo of the lockdown hero | UK News

Kensington Palace could have its own superhero after the Duchess of Cambridge joked about buying a Spider-Man costume from Prince William.

Kate was talking to a martial arts teacher who had dressed up as a web-slinger during lockdown walks in an effort to uplift the morale of local children.

Telling Jason Baird that her idea was “very cool,” she joked about getting her husband’s suit and said: “I’ll see if it catches the trend here at Kensington Palace.

“Unfortunately, I’m not sure he’s getting the air clearance you have.”

Jason Baird wanted to 'cheer up' kids during lockdown
Jason Baird wanted to “cheer up” the children during lockdown. Pic: Kensington Palace

A photograph of Mr Baird was among the 100 images chosen for the exhibition and the book Kate’s Hold Still, which encouraged the public to document life during the pandemic.

The image shows the martial arts teacher in the air in a front garden as the children enthusiastically watch from inside the house.

Speaking to him on the phone, Kate – an avid photographer herself – said the photo was “incredibly captured”.

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“Thank you for submitting your photo because there are some really moving and really sad images and stories that we have had,” she said.

“But it gave, you know, especially to the jury, a wonderful positive image of community spirit.”

The photo is featured in Kate's Hold Still exhibit.  Pic: Kensington Palace
The photo is featured in the Kate’s Hold Still exhibition. Pic: Kensington Palace

Mr. Baird, who runs Jason Baird’s Black Belt Academy in Stockport, and his friend Andrew Baldock, have become known as the “Stockport Spider-Men” for their costumed rides.

The father of two said that when the coronavirus the restrictions in the spring of last year meant that people were only allowed to go out for an hour a day, he wanted to “try to cheer the kids up.”

“It was more about trying to bring in a few smiles and stuff,” he said.

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