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The popular broadcaster has always been accused of bias, causing a furious backlash from politicians and the British public as he came under intense pressure. But the Brexit issue has seen an upsurge in complaints in recent months and years. A number of audience inquiries carried out on behalf of the BBC have revealed an overwhelmingly negative reaction to its coverage.

In addition, several BBC News and current affairs reviews by media regulator Ofcom mention “dissatisfaction with the BBC’s coverage of Brexit”.

Now Brexiteer leader and Tory MP Sir John Redwood has sparked a new line of polarization from the BBC on Twitter, sparking a furious backlash from many towards the company.

He tweeted: “The Today program joining the BBC’s bizarre view that intense and often unfair competition with UK farms in the EU is good but free trade with the rest of the world will be detrimental.

“Don’t they see their own bias in these contradictions?”

Several people on Twitter agreed with Mr Redwood’s point of view and launched a furious attack on the BBC.

One person replied: “What else would we expect from the BBC? We all know they are pro-EU.

“I don’t understand why they are called the British Broadcasting Company when they are totally anti-British.”

Several others have backed GB News – the 24/7 TV news channel run by former BBC political veteran Andrew Neil – to avoid the fairness feuds that have dodged the Beeb.

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Last week, Tory MP Sir John accused the BBC of ‘ignoring’ and ‘belittling’ England in the wake of the fallout from the Lord Dyson inquiry.

He attacked the broadcaster for its “fan split” in the UK and claimed the broadcaster was against the “pro-Brexit majority”.

Writing on his blog, Sir John said: “The BBC is supposed to be a British institution.

“This should help create a sense of common culture and share a democratic conversation for those citizens of our Union who want it. Instead, in recent years the BBC has stoked the division.

“He has helped nationalist movements in Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland speak out more for their protests and grievances.

“He represented our country’s continued submission to the Brussels government against the pro-Brexit majority.

“He demeaned and ignored England, perhaps in an attempt to create an English reaction to nationalisms elsewhere in our Union, as the SNP and others wish.”

He added: “The BBC’s treatment of England is a shame. It is as if our country does not exist.

“We are entitled in England to a regular regime of commentary on the words and deeds of the SNP government in Scotland.

“The BBC gives Scotland its own Scottish news and then confuses the national bulletin with English news because it cannot bring itself to have English news on par with Scottish news.”

The BBC has issued new guidelines for its staff on the use of social media in an attempt to force all staff to maintain impartiality.

Last year, employees were told not to “express a personal opinion on matters of public policy, politics or controversial matters.”

The announcement followed a pledge by BBC chief executive Tim Davie to impose new rules on social media.

He told staff in September: “The BBC shouldn’t be coming from a platform whose point of view is assumed.

“It’s not just about left and right, it’s different people.”

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