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Plans approved for a new ‘quality liquor store’ opposite Sheffield United’s Bramall Lane football pitch UK News

The Sheffield Council licensing subcommittee has given business owners the green light for a store called Beer Dog on a vacant site at 108 Charlotte Road to sell craft beers, local beers, wine, quality spirits superior and, ultimately, artisanal food.

Andy Chilton, regional manager, said it would add to their current activities, including Ranmoor Castle in Fulwood.

He said, “Overall, we see this as an exciting opportunity to bring vacant commercial space back to service and expand the existing businesses we operate to support the agility of the local community.”

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The proposed site of the store.

He said they would have a number of measures to avoid disruption to local residents, including staff training, CCTV and dispersal procedures to prevent customers from congregating outside.

Mr Chilton added: ‘We are both residents of Sheffield and understand the proximity of the premises to residential properties as in the case of other businesses. We will manage the premises to encourage both our staff and our customers to respect the neighbors when entering and leaving the premises.

The opening hours will be from 7 a.m. to midnight every day of the week except Friday and Saturday, when it will be open until 1 a.m.

Ahead of today’s committee meeting, there were two written objections and a petition with more than 300 signatures raising concerns about anti-social behavior and businesses in the region offering similar offers.

Jagmeet Guraya, objector, said: “As a business we are providing alcohol retail directly in front of this property, it will affect our business financially and increase anti-social behavior in the area as they intend to. ‘open until 1 a.m.

“This area is residential and has a lot of students and Beer Dog is located right across from Bramall Lane Stadium … I think there are enough businesses offering the same products and services that Beer Dog has. ‘intention to provide.

Examples of nearby stores are Go Local Extra, Premier Store, and Asda.

But Beer Dog said it was not his intention to compete directly with these companies because they would sell premium alcohol at a higher price.

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