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Sunderland landmarks light up in rainbow colors to mark the start of Pride month UK News

Sunderland’s landmarks will be lit up in the colors of the rainbow to mark the start of National Pride Month.

The Northern Spire Bridge, the Beacon of Light and Hylton Castle are just a few of the landmarks that will be illuminated on Tuesday evening.

Other landmarks include Keel Square, the White Seaburn Lighthouse, Fulwell Mill, Market Square and High Street West.

Pride Month is a celebration of the diversity of lesbian, bisexual, gay and transgender (LGBT +) people in the city, recognizing the acceptance of same-sex marriages and legal protections for same-sex couples and families.

It also highlights the need for anti-discrimination laws and transgender rights among other causes related to LGBT +.

The monuments will be illuminated in the colors of the rainbow flag, which is the symbol used during Pride events. The flag represents LGBT + identity and solidarity, with different variations used around the world.

Sunderland City Council Deputy Chief and Diversity Champion Councilor Claire Rowntree said: “Pride Month is an extremely important time in which we can all celebrate the LGBT + community.

“Lighting up our city’s landmarks is just one way we can send the message that we support all of our residents, celebrate diversity and promote equality.

“Sadly, to this day, there are people within the LGBT + community who still suffer from homophobia, transphobia and other hate crimes based on who they are.

“Sunderland City Council has zero tolerance for discrimination and will continue to fight for the rights of LGBT + people throughout Pride Month and beyond.

Running throughout the month of June, Pride Month commemorates the anniversary of the Stonewall riots. The protests, which took place in New York on June 28, 1969, helped change the rights of LGBT + people around the world.