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5 free activities to do this holiday Monday UK News

Holidays are always exciting, as the long weekend gives us an extra day to reset and recharge before returning to work.

As travel is still uncertain and many choose to stay put on this holiday, how can we make the most of an extra day off, without spending money or traveling too far?

The folks at SoapHub are giving away 5 free things to do this holiday Monday (May 31).


As lockout restrictions have relaxed, meaning we can now invite another household or stick to the Rule of 6 inside, why not have a potluck dinner?

A spokesperson for SoapHub said: “A potluck is when each guest brings a dish to share with the group.

“Not only is a potluck a lot of fun, but sharing the kitchen load means less pressure – and less expense – for the host.”

It can also be a good way to show off newly learned interlocking cooking skills, whether it’s sourdough or banana bread.


Along with the easing of lockdown restrictions, our lives are starting to get busy again, which can make us more exhausted.

“While many of us have failed to keep busy since the start of the pandemic, it can also be overwhelming to go from doing nothing, commuting or socializing again,” says SoapHub.

Organizing a spa day at home with a few friends, or just yourself, will help you relax and unwind.

Home spa experiences are becoming increasingly popular, especially since the pandemic, as “homemade face masks” saw a 707% increase in Google searches from March 22 to April 26 last year.

Using natural products that can be found in the fridge or cupboard, like oats and honey, is not only great for your skin, but it is much more durable than buying a pack of face masks. for single use. Great for the budget and great for the environment too.


While a visit to a museum is a typical activity on vacation abroad, many of us tend to overlook the museums and galleries that are right on our doorstep – many of which are completely free.

Searches for “museums near me” saw a 9,900% increase in May 2021 as lockdown restrictions began to ease as more of us stay local with our days away.

Check your local council’s website, as many local councils will not only have local museums and galleries listed, but also exhibits and events.


While containment walks have become the norm for many of us, it’s understandable that we are starting to get fed up with the monotony.

SoabHub said, “Because we were stuck at home, without our usual gym sessions and fitness classes, many of us turned to online workouts to stay active. Now that we can socialize again, returning to group workouts is a great way to change up your routine and boost your motivation.

A study from the University of Oxford in 2015 found that group exercise creates bonds that improve workout ability, meaning that working out with a group of friends might even help you get better. to exercise.


It is estimated that over two million litter is thrown away in the UK every day, with around eight million tonnes of litter ending up in the ocean each year.

Not only is marine life in danger, but birds, foxes and even hedgehogs are often caught in the garbage.

SoapHub said, “Garbage collection is not only great for the environment, but participating can help lift your spirits. Volunteering, or the actions we take to help, can greatly improve our mood.

It’s easy to start collecting trash, you just need a garbage bag and sturdy gloves.

“While a large portion of the waste is food packaging and other non-recyclable products, you may also come across recyclable products, such as plastics and cans. Bringing a recycling bag with you means you can separate the waste as you go, ”added SoapHub.

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