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10 Job Titles That Raise Auto Insurance Costs – Is Your Job On The List? UK News

Car insurance can often be the most expensive cost of driving in the UK.

Where you live, dashcams and adding a named driver can cut costs, but did you know that your job title can often affect how much you’ll pay for bonuses?

Vanarama reviewed the most expensive auto insurance job titles in 2021 and compared them to last year’s results.

The research was conducted on the basis of a 39-year-old “average driver” driving a 2020 VW Golf 1.5l that travels 7,600 miles per year.

Time series: The research was conducted on the basis of a "average driver".  (Vanarama)The research was conducted on the basis of an “average driver”. (Vanarama)

According to our research, the worst job title for insurance costs now is recruitment consultant. Since last year, the premium has more than doubled from almost £ 350 to over £ 815, taking it from 30th to 1st in our survey.

Health workers get the worst contract, as the only sector with an average figure above £ 500 a year.

In terms of additional costs since 2020, only a handful of sectors have escaped a price hike of over £ 100 this time around. Health workers are charged almost £ 160 more for 2021 insurance compared to last year.

In terms of rankings, however, it was Designers who suffered the most cost increases. Despite having the third most affordable bounties in last year’s results, the 2021 update sees them slide to second place with a charge of almost £ 780 per year.

Andy Alderson, CEO and Founder of Vanarama suggests “If you’re facing higher insurance premiums, small changes in your driver details can help.

“Consider adding or removing named drivers and assessing the effect that has on cost, and make sure you don’t overestimate your annual mileage.

“Also, it can be difficult to find an exact match for the profession on comparison sites – try to grab alternatives that still fit your role but offer cheaper bonuses. ”

Ten job titles with the most expensive car insurance costs in 2021

  1. Recruitment Consultant – £ 815.24
  2. Creator – £ 776.51
  3. Social worker – £ 713.80
  4. Advisor £ 713.80
  5. Physiotherapist – £ 507.07
  6. Midwife – £ 507.07
  7. Nurse – £ 507.07
  8. Hairdresser – £ 505.90
  9. Senior Manager – £ 498.02
  10. Store Manager – £ 498.02

Times Series: How Does Your Job Title Affect Car Insurance Costs?  (Vanarama)What is the impact of your job title on auto insurance costs. (Vanarama)

Ten job titles with the cheapest auto insurance costs in 2021

  1. Developer – £ 326.41
  2. Programmer – £ 326.41
  3. Software Engineer – £ 326.41
  4. Web Developer – £ 326.41
  5. Web Designer – £ 326.41
  6. Software Developer – £ 326.41
  7. Avocado – £ 355.45
  8. Personal Assistant – £ 358.27
  9. Secretary – £ 358.27
  10. Driver – £ 374.31

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