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After a short break, the Citroën C4 is back. The third modern mid-size family sedan with this particular model identity, this car claims to carry on the long tradition of innovation in the French brand’s sedan segment.

So, is it really innovative? You will need a long enough memory to remember a truly revolutionary Citroën family sedan. It’s been 50 years since the critically acclaimed GS won the European Car of the Year award in 1971, a gong that Citroën has won only twice since. The BX, ZX and Xsara that came later had many fans over the following decades, but it is certainly the aura of the GS that Citroën is now referring to with a new C4 that prioritizes comfort and efficiency. .

It’s a car that was inspired by its customers, says Citroën. A typical hatchback and compact SUV design amalgamation, it is claimed to have a bold, high but tapered outline; a spacious, versatile and relaxing interior; and many options for individual customer configuration. It looks a lot like a smart, affordable alternative family car that is perfectly suited to current market tastes.

As such, you can buy this car as an all-electric ë-C4 (with up to 217 miles of range) or with a gasoline or diesel engine, as with several members of the C4’s Stellantis group. But from its outward appearance to its interior, and even its suspension specs, this car sets out to go its own way and delivers things its rivals don’t.

Read on to find out exactly how far that can go in a family sedan market teeming with fresh models.

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