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Aldi and Lidl announce best deals available this holiday weekend UK News

Aldi and Lidl announced a new line of products in the central aisles of their stores this holiday weekend for shoppers looking for a bargain.

Treat your kids to a new bedroom with children’s bedroom items from Aldi and with warmer weather coming to the UK, make sure you don’t miss out on sleeping with Lidl has deals on a range of bedding for warmer nights.

We’ve rounded up some of the highlights to look out for in every supermarket.


If the children’s room needs updating, Aldi has you covered. This week, Aldi is offering a range of children’s bedroom items at discount prices.

These include:

Times Series: A range of poufs is available from Aldi.  (Aldi)A range of poufs is available from Aldi. (Aldi)

Furnish their space with a super cool ottoman that they are sure to love! Whether it’s Mono Princess, Avengers or Frozen, there is an option for everyone. Ottomans are available for £ 22.99.

Times Series: Little Town Mermaid Sleepover Kit.  (Aldi)Small Town Mermaid Sleepover Kit. (Aldi)

Make bedtime fun with the Little Town Mermaid Sleepover Kit. Includes solid wood frame, canvas slipcover, wood top table, decorative banners, plush cushion, chalkboard, and instruction manual. This themed sleepover kit is a fun activity for your little one and their friends to have a fun filled night out. Available online only for £ 49.99.

Times Series: Under Sea Single Duvet Cover Set of 2.  (Aldi)Set of 2 Under Sea single duvet covers. (Aldi)

Aldi offers a range of bed sets for your little ones. From unicorns to submarines, there is something for everyone. Available for £ 13.99.

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Lidl has a range of bedding for warmer nights in its middle aisle this Sunday.

These include:

Times Series: Meradiso Reinforced Bed Linen.  (Lidl)Reinforced Meradiso bed linen. (Lidl)

This Meradiso Reinforced bed linen is a cotton blend fabric that combines the best of both fibers: natural and breathable cotton and easy-care polyester, perfect for warmer nights. Available from Lidl for £ 9.99.

Times Series: Pair of Silentnight anti-allergy pillows.  (Lidl)Pair of Silentnight anti-allergy pillows. (Lidl)

This time of year can be a nightmare for allergy sufferers. The Silentnight anti-allergy pair of pillows protect against dust mites and bacteria, providing fresher, cleaner sleep comfort. With a suggested retail price of £ 12.99, they’re available from Lidl for just £ 7.99.

Times Series: Silentnight Allergy-Free Mattress Protector - King Size.  (Small)Silentnight Anti-Allergy Mattress Protector – King Size. (Small)

The Silentnight Allergy-Free Mattress Protector extends the life of your mattress and protects against dust mites and bacteria, providing cooler, cleaner sleep comfort. Available in single, double and king size. With a suggested retail price of £ 14.99, the king size is available for just £ 8.99.

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