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Hong Kong Family Travel to UK to Escape China’s Repression of Democracy | World news

Tens of thousands of Hong Kong people have applied for a special visa offered by the British government to come and live in the UK after China cracked down on democracy in the city.

Sky News followed a family who accepted the offer and moved from their beloved home for a life of freedom in Liverpool.

Donna Kong lived in Hong Kong all his life.

“I graduated right after passing Hong Kong,” she told Sky News.

“Today we have to be careful what we say on the street.”

Her husband Fei Wan agrees.

“Not just on the street, but even online, we have to censor ourselves.

“Hong Kong is moving from a free international city to just another Chinese city.”

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Brawl between Hong Kong police and Tiananmen vigil organizers

Neither of them see themselves as “political” people, but 2019 events – and the demands for more democracy and protection of freedoms promised by China – were a turning point.

“I went to peaceful protest marches,” Donna said.

“At the time, we wondered if the government would listen to our voices. Then later we found out it was unnecessary, so we felt helpless. Now we see that there is a series of political reprisals.

“We had a silver lining,” Fei said. “To see if the government will make any changes when we express our views peacefully.

“We are not supporting Hong Kong’s independence. We want to have better livelihood policies, to make it a more livable environment.

“But in the end, we were disappointed. And that made my urge to leave Hong Kong quickened.”

The family packed their life in Hong Kong for UK freedom
The family packed their life in Hong Kong for UK freedom

In the summer of last year, as the pandemic raged, Beijing imposed a National Security Act on Hong Kong, which criminalized the “subversion” of state power, among other crimes.

At least…

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