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Former teacher complains after police raid Sheffield home for weapons and ammunition UK News

The home of the 50-year-old man in Hadfield Close, Darnall, was raided by officers who used a chainsaw to force entry into the property at 7.55am yesterday.

The married father-of-three, who is a qualified teacher, said nothing was found during the search of the home and that the police operation left him concerned about the level of corroborating checks carried out when the police were receiving information.

Officers showed him a search warrant that was issued on May 6, but the search was only carried out yesterday – three weeks later.

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A teacher’s house in Sheffield was raided by police looking for guns and ammunition

The man, who does not wish to be named, said that while it was sincerely believed that he had access to firearms, the delay in searching his home had allowed him three weeks to dispose of the items or use them.

He also said that had the denunciation been considered credible, armed officers should have been involved in the raid if there was a possibility that a gun would be fired.

But instead, he claims the officers involved were regular unarmed frontline cops.

He said: “If it was believed that I had access to guns, then those five or six officers in yesterday’s raid were in danger because they had none of the protection you would expect. whether firearms were suspected of having been at the property.

“Another concern is that if the information given to the police was believed then why did it take three weeks because during that time I could have got rid of what they were looking for or killed people? . “

He demands that the police foot the bill for the repair of his front door and he wants a written apology.

He said: “It was very shocking that this was happening in my family home.

“My first question is why didn’t the agents just strike first, my second is why the agents weren’t prepared in terms of protection if they expected there would be guns to come. fire, and my third is why was there such a delay in executing the warrant when firearms could have been used in those three weeks? ”

South Yorkshire Police said: ‘Warrants of any kind must be ratified by the court and before they are executed the risks are fully assessed in accordance with force policy.

“Once the request is accepted, it is valid for 28 days, during which enforcement action can be taken at any time.

“Following a legally executed warrant, officers are required to secure the property, but the force is not obligated to compensate for the damage caused. “

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