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Warmer weather expected for northeast – but warning of thunderstorms UK News

Warm weather is expected to remain as parts of the northeast could see temperatures reaching 20C on Sunday – but thunderstorms could hit the region.

Forecasters are warning there could be heavy thunderstorms, but the weather will remain generally dry and warm in the northeast.

The Met Office forecast for Sunday says: “Variable cloud, but mostly dry with some clearings throughout the morning after the first rains have died down.

“A few afternoon showers do occur, one rare heavy, possibly turning into thunderstorms later in the day. Light winds. Maximum temperature 20C.

“Showers in the evening fading then dry overnight with clearings developing, although remaining mostly cloudy with some haze and fog affecting the Pennines. Minimum temperature 9C.

The UK enjoyed mild weather in the first week of June with days of scorching temperatures and sunny skies.

Sunny Britain was warmer than southern France on Saturday, with the mercury hitting 23C in some areas and will rise steadily.

Highs of 24C are expected in London on Sunday and highs of 25C are expected for the start of the new working week on Monday.

It comes after one of the wettest May on record, with weeks of relentless rainfall throughout the month.