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Stonewall’s plea for “mother” to be replaced with “birth attendant” sparks fury | United Kingdom | New UK News

Prominent Brexiteer Patrick O’Flynn voiced the views of many when he criticized LGBTQ + charity Stonewall for urging organizations to take this stance. The charity, which advises various public bodies on equality, also suggested that Merseyside police say “pregnant employee” because it was “a more inclusive term”.

The two revelations led to a widespread revolution on the part of many feminists, claiming they flouted women’s rights.

The row erupted when International Trade Secretary Liz Truss called on departments to withdraw from Stonewall’s Workplace Equality Index because the cost of membership was “unjustifiable.”

As the scandal snowballed, former Ukip MEP and later SDP shared his views on the news on Twitter.

The prominent Brexiteer said: “Can the Tories be trusted to resist this BS? Questionable cause but not entirely lost.

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“When some people want to eradicate mothers, it’s time to make a revolution.

“It’s time to totally reject all the cr * p who are currently diverting attention from our real challenges …”

Another said: “I am a mother and very proud of it. No one will scare me to call me otherwise.

“By the way, I am also a grandmother of six children with their grandfather.”

A third broke loose: “What’s the answer?

“Either we need a section of the Conservative Party with the courage to stop all this shit, rebel and oust Boris, or we need to vote for an alternative, ie UKIP / Reclaim / Reform.

“But these should be unified to garner a vote large enough to be taken seriously.”

In a statement, Stonewall said, “Since we implemented the Diversity Champions program in 2001, many large employers have developed significant internal programs to promote diversity and inclusion among their workforce.

The group added that it was “confident in our advice on the Equality Act which is based on the Equality Act Code of Practice of the Equality and Human Rights Commission” .

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