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Wetherspoons explains controversial six-per-table decision Bath City News

Wetherspoons has revealed the reasons for only leaving a maximum of six people per table, despite government rules allowing many more.

Current government guidelines state that “gatherings should not exceed 30 people” when held outdoors.

Certain things are exempt, such as working, volunteering, or providing care or assistance to disabled or vulnerable people.

The website adds that “if you meet friends and family, you can personally choose to keep your distance from them, but you still have to be careful.”

However, drinkers were surprised to learn that the channel still only allows six people per table, under previous government rules before the coronavirus lockdown was eased, Devon Live reports.

“The rules allow outside groups of up to 30 to serve, but we limit customers to groups of six so we can make sure social distancing guidelines are followed,” a spokesperson said.

“It is also true that customers must be seated and, in general, our external tables cannot accommodate more than 6 people.”

The Wetherspoons website confirms that the maximum number of people allowed at a table is limited to six.

He adds, “If clients arrive in a large group or attempt to assemble as a single group, they will be asked to disperse, if capacity permits, or to vacate the premises. We reserve the right to refuse any group larger than the size allowed, even if you want to split over multiple tables. “

Prime Minister Boris Johnson hopes he can lift the majority of the rules by June 21, but that depends on the drop in cases, deaths and hospital admissions – meaning the dates are the first to lift the stated rules.

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