Best Fans 2021: Electric Standing Fans to Cool You Down This Summer, from Currys, B&Q and Dyson Yorkshire News

We have found the best electric standing fans to cool you off this summer, from top brands.

<p> The best standing electric fans to cool you off this summer </p>
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The best standing electric fans to cool you off this summer

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You may not think it’s time to buy a fan just yet, but as the summer progresses, you don’t want to leave it to the last minute because it’s not only fans that usually sell out quickly in the height of summer, especially if there is a heat wave.

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Added to that, Covid has wiped out global production assemblies and the transportation of most domestic products on a large scale.

As a result, a shortage of products is likely to occur, so the strike prior to the iron is hot.

Cooling fans come in a variety of shapes and sizes, from tall pedestals to floor and desk models.

All of the models reviewed here are equipped with a number of fan speeds and most oscillate for wider room coverage.

Everyone will do a great job of keeping you more comfortable in hot weather.

MeacoCool 1056 air circulator

MeacoCool 1056 air circulator

The 1056 air circulator is available in two variants: a high pedestal version and this slightly less obtrusive floor or desk model.

At under £ 100, it’s one of the most effective and feature-rich fans on the market. It is also exceptionally quiet, even when used at full speed.

The 1056 comes with 12 fan speeds and produces one of the strongest direct breezes of any model on sale – at full speed, it moves 1,056 cubic meters of air per hour, and you can really feel the effect from several feet away.

It also comes with an amazing three-way oscillation function: horizontal, vertical and about 360˚ of circular motion. The latter setting is a great way to keep air moving throughout a room.

No matter the budget, if there is a fan that really excels at moving large volumes of air without making noise, then this is it. For absolute efficiency and total enveloping breeze production, the MeacoCool 1056 air circulator is almost one of a kind.

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Dyson Cool Purifier

Dyson Cool Purifier

Better for: smart cooling

Dyson produces a fan-only version called Cool, but we’re introducing this more expensive model because it cleans the air at the same time (you can read about this facet in our Air Purifiers guide) and it’s more available to buy.

Along with its air cleaning technology, the high-end Purifier Cool is also one of the most stylish and efficient fans in the industry.

Being of Dyson origin, it uses a powerful and very complicated air multiplier to push air through invisible vents inside its empty elongated portal.

Not only does this create a much more consistent breeze without any bumps, but the entire bladeless assembly is really easy to keep clean – just wipe it off with a damp cloth.

The Purifier Cool comes with 10 fan speeds, although it must be said that the highest setting is quite noisy. It can also be controlled using the supplied magnetic remote control or the excellent Dyson Connect app.

One of the best things about this fan is its large swing function, which ranges from 45˚ to 350˚.

Think of the means for the airflow to be diffusely pushed towards the rear of the fan when you don’t want it to cool down and you have one of the best, albeit more expensive, fans currently vying for your attention.

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16 Inch Swan Retro Standing Fan

16 Inch Swan Retro Standing Fan

The main USP of the popular Swan is its classic retro design that looks perfect in homes already outfitted with vintage-style Smeg, Dualit and KitchenAid appliances.

At full blast, this three-speed oscillating pedestal fan causes a veritable gale that can be felt many feet away.

It’s quite loud at its highest speed setting though, so consider turning it down a bit if you’re watching TV or listening to music.

The Swan is available in nine striking colors and is very easy to assemble. However, it consumes around 50 watts of electricity at full power, so you might avoid using it all day. If you think a 16-inch tall fan like this is too big for your room, consider its stable companion, the 12-inch desktop Swan Retro version. It’s not as powerful but takes up less space, it’s £ 20 cheaper, and it comes with exactly the same features.

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B&Q Chrome Effect 45W Desktop Fan

B&Q Chrome Effect 45W Desktop Fan

Although it appears to be made of polished steel, the socket on this 12-inch desktop fan is actually chrome plastic. But that shouldn’t put you off because it still looks authentically retro and more importantly, a decently stiff breeze is blowing.

Like the similarly styled Swan reviewed above, this model comes with a 90˚ swing function, three …

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