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Met Police issues London terror threat warning ahead of euro UK News

Met police have issued a warning regarding the current level of terrorist threat in the capital ahead of the European Championship.

The force also urged fans to obey coronavirus regulations while watching the games.

The tournament, postponed last summer due to the pandemic, is expected to start on Friday; England will play their first game against Croatia on Sunday.

Metropolitan Police are calling on fans to stay abreast of any potential attacks in the weeks to come.

“The terrorist threat remains ‘substantial’, said Assistant Deputy Commissioner Laurence Taylor.

“This means an attack is likely and I call on the public to play their role in promoting safety by remaining vigilant and reporting any suspicious activity or behavior to stewards, security personnel or the police.”

The force is also calling on fans to follow coronavirus regulations.

“London remains in a public health crisis and we must all take action to comply with government guidelines on social distancing and gatherings,” Taylor said.

“Please only come to London if you have a match ticket, fanzone or a safe place to watch the match. There are no alternative venues for fans to gather in large numbers and there is limited space in pubs and bars.

In preparation, Met licensing officers have visited pubs, bars and other venues showing the games to talk to staff and train them on how they can help keep their customers safe and deal with anything. disorder and antisocial behavior, especially as a result of excessive alcohol consumption.

Officers also advised the sites on how to prevent and reduce sexual violence and how staff can create safe environments for clients.

There will be a full lineup of Law Enforcement Officers, Central Football Unit, Territorial Support Group and Project Server, Mounted Branch, Canine Unit, Police Unit, firearms, air support and marine unit to respond to any crime or critical incident that may arise. .

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This notice was published: 2021-06-10 14:20:19

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