Skoda Enyaq iV 60 Suite 2021 UK review Car News

There is also a fairly large glazed area, which makes the interior airy. Most notably, the windshield, which pushes forward so far that it’s more of a minivan than an SUV. The number of territories crossed by this crossing is perhaps unmatched.

The workmanship is solid, the materials feel solid even if they aren’t soft, and there’s a simple digital dashboard and, perhaps obviously, a central touchscreen from the group. At least the temperature is constantly displayed and large enough for a flick of the finger. The instrument panel is shaped in such a way that you can rest your hand on it while you absentmindedly press the four buttons necessary to deactivate lane keeping assist.

On the 80 there is the option of paddles on the steering wheel, which increase or decrease the amount of engine braking. It’s denied to 60 buyers which is a shame if you like to drive as it gives you something to do. As it stands, there is the automatic option, which thinks about future junctions and predicts deceleration levels generally well, or two standard regeneration alternatives – fairly coastal and not so coastal.

In any case, there is no pedal driving. It will crawl unless you brake to a stop. Not worth it. The drivetrain is smooth and linear in any case, in a way that suits a Skoda very well. Ditto for the steering, which is precise and moderately and regularly weighted.

Obviously, with the car being rear-wheel drive, there is no torque steering pulling the wheel when you reduce power, but that’s probably the only clue as to the drive wheels. The Enyaq spins quite well, because although it is heavy, the weight is centered low, but it is a pleasant companion rather than an exciting one.

It drives decently too; the 60s better than the 80s, I think, with a bit more compliance (although the 80s I tried had 21in rims in the 60s, both optional) and certainly better body control. The 60 takes a “whump” to settle after a peak or trough. The 80 wants a shot and a half. The ’60s are the most fun car to drive, although it won’t go that far.

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