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New BBC Time drama leaves viewers on the edges of their seats as they rush to finish it UK News

Viewers were blown away by BBC’s new drama Time after the channel made all episodes available for excessive watching.

The series, starring Sean Bean and Stephen Graham, premiered on BBC1 on Sunday night in the slot previously occupied by the former Stephen Line of Duty show and immediately sparked a huge backlash.

From his claustrophobic opening scene which showed the character of Sean locked in a prison van as things happened around him, to the heart-wrenching scene involving his cellmate, many people watching at the house said that ‘They found Time an incredibly tough watch, but were praise for the cast and director Jimmy McGovern.

Former Sharpe and Goldeneye star Sean plays Mark Cobden, a devoted teacher and husband and father who finds himself behind bars after a fatal mistake at a party, while Stephen plays prison officer Eric McNally who is forced to compromise his work in order to protect his son.

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Unlike Line of Duty, which left fans on the edges of their couches every Sunday before making them wait a week to find out what happened next, all three episodes of Time were made available on BBC iPlayer.

And viewers wasted no time watching them all at once before flooding social media with superlatives about their quality.

Sean Bean as Mark Cobden, Stephen Graham as Eric McNally in Time
Sean Bean as Mark Cobden, Stephen Graham as Eric McNally in Time

Rest assured, this will remain a spoiler-free zone until the final episode is released on the BBC on June 20, suffice to say we agree that Time is MUST watch.

Viewers flocked to Twitter to exchange reactions with other viewers who were left behind by the three partners.

After the credits of episode 3 for them, one of them tweeted: ” #TimeBBC is in my opinion the best TV series I have watched this year.

“Superbly written and perfectly performed. Captivating and heartbreaking. Sean Bean and Stephen Graham were exceptional.”

Equally impressed, another posted: “Superb drama brilliantly written and acting of the highest standard. Maybe #SeanBean best “, and, after watching all the episodes, a third commented:” I watched them all last night, hope I never go to jail ”

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