2021 Mercedes-Maybach S-Class S680 review Car News

The S680’s natural surroundings are at a calm pace on the city streets, where its low-end refinement is brought to the fore. But it also makes very decent progress on the open road, where the sophisticated steering and the 4Matic system (which sends 31% of the propulsion to the front and 69% to the rear) make it far more agile than any. 5469 mm long, 1921 mm – wide car really has the right to be.

Like the Benz S580, it also adopts the latest incarnation of Mercedes’ Airmatic air suspension, and the result is extraordinary body control and exceptional ride quality. The level of comfort is clearly superior to that of the already very successful Benz S-Class; you sometimes feel a slight shimmy on the high frequency bumps but, despite the underlying smoothness, there is excellent vertical control.

He feels wonderfully attached and remarkably well composed. Still not enough? Alternatively, you can also specify a number of advanced chassis features, including E-Active Body Control, which constantly levels the car by electronically controlling the spring and shock absorber forces individually at each wheel; Road Surface Scan, which uses cameras to assess the road ahead, then prime the springs and shocks; and Curve, which tilts the body in turns, with the height of the inside wheels reduced slightly to anticipate any body roll. So set up, the S680 glides from corner to corner, offering the kind of otherworldly handling found in more specific examples of Benz’s S-Class.

The pistons inside the air springs automatically raise one side of the car and lower the other, so that the lateral forces acting on the occupants are reduced, thus improving the feeling of well-being. For all of its unmistakable appeal, however, the S680 cannot replicate the uniqueness of the Ghost or the Bentley Flying Spur. Granted, the Stuttgart design team did more this time around to differentiate the Maybach models, but it still can’t be denied that it shares much of its exterior with a Benz.

Beyond an optional two-tone paint scheme, there is a prominent new grille in a uniquely styled front bumper, a modified hood with a chrome center rib, Maybach emblems on the C-pillars and a front bumper. Reworked rear shocks with different shaped tailpipes.

It’s a similar story in the cabin. It is sumptuous and spacious with a very high perceived quality, but again it draws heavily on that of the Benz. There’s a new instrument panel with rectangular air vents across the top, a multi-function steering wheel with tactile ‘buttons’, a 12.3-inch digital instrument display with Maybach-themed graphics and a 11.9-inch portrait touchscreen dominating the center console.

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