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Daniel Morgan: Key points from a damning report into the unsolved ax murder of a private investigator | UK News

The unsolved murder of private investigator Daniel Morgan is one of the UK’s most notorious cases – and the damning report of failed police investigations spanned eight years.

Despite five police investigations and one investigation, no one has been brought to justice for the ax murder of the father of two children in 1987.

A independent panel examine that of Mr. Morgan Death has now accused Met police of “a form of institutional corruption” for their handling of several unsuccessful investigations.

Here are the key points from the 1,251-page panel report.

“Material Deficiencies” in the Original Investigation

Mr Morgan was ax murdered in the parking lot of the Golden Lion pub in Sydenham, south-east London, in March 1987.

The panel found that there had been “several very significant lapses” in the investigation from the time her body was discovered.

The handling of the murder scene was “grossly inadequate”, it was not searched and it was left unattended, the panel said.

There is evidence that some of those arrested in connection with the April 1987 murder may have been alerted the day before by a media leak, he found.

Alibis were not sought for the suspects, the search warrants were “gravely insufficient” and the investigative leads “were not followed properly”.

“Many of the opportunities that were lost were not recoverable,” the report said.

Daniel Morgan was killed in the parking lot of the Golden Lion pub
Mr Morgan was killed in the parking lot of the Golden Lion pub

Coroner “inaccurate” at inquest into Morgan’s death

An investigation in April 1988 heard testimony from a man who claimed that Mr Morgan’s associate Jonathan Rees asked him if he knew of anyone who could kill the private investigator.

Kevin Lennon also claimed that Mr Rees told him in 1986 that the Catford cops would either carry out or organize the murder of Mr Morgan, and that Detective Sergeant Sidney Fillery was “fully aware” that Mr. Morgan was going to be killed.


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