GTO Engineering Squalo: the British firm unveils interior sketches Car News

British engineering firm and specialist Ferrari GTO Engineering have released the first sketch images of the interior of its upcoming Squalo production car inspired by the 250 GTO.

The images show a spacious cabin which the firm says focuses on luggage capacity and visibility. Leather is featured prominently throughout and will be available in multiple colors including brown and red. The steering wheel is decorated in a wood-like design, with four analog dials and a clock in the center of the dashboard referencing sports cars from the 1960s.

The company claims that the positioning of the pedal, steering wheel and gear lever is still being mapped, with other images detailing the hidden interior technology such as the audio system, smartphone integration, display screen. infotainment and cup holders, which will be released in the coming months.

“Squalo drivers will spend more time inside the car than looking at it from the outside, so it was essential for us not only to listen to our customers but also to benefit from our driving experience. sports cars to focus on what’s important in the cabin. : simplicity and driver engagement, ”said Mark Lyon, founder of GTO Engineering.

The name “Squalo”, which means “shark” in Italian, was chosen for the bespoke creation “because of its shark appearance, instinct and speed”. It was developed under the code name Moderna and recently became available to order.

It is claimed to be a hand-built under 1000 kg sports car “celebrating the best of 1960s automotive with modern, motorsport-derived engineering”. It follows the company’s new “Ferrari” 250 SWB Revival model series, which Autocar recently sampled in a new video (below), and reportedly approaching production, with new renderings giving a preview of its final version. , signed style.

The new model, which would learn from GTO Engineering’s nearly three decades of experience in building and maintaining road and race Ferraris, uses a tubular steel frame with aluminum subframes and an “F1 type” carbon fiber body. The doors and hood will be aluminum, however.

The styling will be inspired by the iconic Ferrari 250 GTO. However, it doesn’t appear to be a straightforward recreation, but rather a modern reimagined version of this car with a few tweaks, including a unique ‘double bubble’ roof design. Modern details include a ‘modernized exhaust and lights with updated electrical and internals’, as well as a set of bespoke 18-inch alloy wheels.

The Moderna will be powered by a 4.0-liter four-cam V12 engine – another Ferrari comeback from the 1960s – which is about to be assembled for the first time. GTO has promised to “increase driver engagement” with a number of motorsport-inspired components, and will unveil full-power specs next month.

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