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Boris Johnson’s resignation plan, his ‘rambling stories’ and ‘hopeless’ Matt Hancock – what Dominic Cummings said | Politics News

Former chief adviser to Boris Johnson posted a 7,000 word blog post that included a series of statements about Prime Minister and Health Secretary Matt Hancock.

Here is a summary of Dominic Cummings’ most explosive allegations:

PM called Hancock “totally f ****** desperate”

the most eye-catching part of Mr. Cummings’ blog was his inclusion of screenshots of WhatsApp messages between him and the Prime Minister.

These reveal that on two occasions Mr Johnson described Mr Hancock’s efforts during the government’s initial response to the COVID crisis as “hopeless”.

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“Are you desperate, Mr. Hancock?” “

In an exchange, which Mr Cummings said was part of the late-night messages for March 26, 2020, he and Mr Johnson are shown discussing ‘MH’ actions to bolster the UK’s COVID testing capacity. United.

The screenshot shows a response from the Prime Minister saying: “Totally f ****** desperate”.

Other messages, from March 27, show Mr Cummings said he was telling the Prime Minister the Department of Health had “totally screwed up the ventilators”.

The Prime Minister replied: “It’s Hancock. He was desperate.”

PM suggested removing responsibility for PPE from Hancock

In another WhatsApp exchange, believed to have taken place on April 27 last year, Mr Johnson openly questioned whether he should take responsibility for procuring personal protective equipment (PPE) for Mr Hancock and giving it away. to Cabinet Minister Michael Gove.

The Prime Minister wrote: “On ppe this is a disaster. I can think of nothing but to take Hancock off and put Gove on.”

WhatsApp messages between Boris Johnson and Dominic Cummings
WhatsApp messages between PM and Mr. Cummings

Mr Cummings also said Mr Hancock “must be removed from critical decisions” with Lord Paul Deighton called in to oversee the PPE, Dame Kate …

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