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Boycott of BBC News: Viewers switch off in favor of Andrew Neil’s GB News | United Kingdom | New UK News

After the channel launched on Sunday, it made waves on the box as well as on social media as viewers welcome another set of voices to comment on today’s most pressing issues. Some subscribers have taken to Twitter to reveal that they no longer want to tune in to the BBC to find out what’s going on in the UK and around the world.

Instead, they pledged to continue their boycott of the public service broadcaster, with some saying their reporting on “awakening stories” was the reason for their decision.

One tweet that was “liked” by over 7,500 Twitter accounts read: “Raise your hand if you haven’t watched BBC News for 48 hours.”

The post received a flurry of tweets in response from people saying they had decided a long time ago to shut down the Beeb.

One said: “I turned off BBC News a long time ago. A one-way stream with no balance. Spreading fear with facts, figures, context and perspective totally missing.”

Another man admitted that he had not watched the Beeb since 2016, following the European referendum.

And yet, a third said they regretted all the times they have turned on the channel in the past.

They said they felt “so mad at myself for always looking at him”.

They added: “I haven’t watched it since April 2020 and really regret all the times I’ve watched it before.”

A fourth person tweeted: “Not watched since April 2020 then canceled my TV license.”

Another person who said the boycott started long before this week said she didn’t like the “woke up” tone of the Beeb’s reporting.

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Asked on Twitter about his new channel’s audience performance, he replied, “Well last night at 8pm my show outperformed Sky News and the BBC News Channel combined. Next question.”

On its first night, the new channel drew 373 complaints about its flagship show Tonight Live with Dan Wootton.

The former editor-in-chief of The Sun newspaper turned chat host has used his new platform to speak out against the government’s lockdown rules.

His comments came before Boris Johnson announced a four-week delay in the final phase of his plan to lift the restrictions.

Ofcom, the media watchdog, said the complaints focused on “comments made during the coronavirus broadcast.”

The organization declined to provide further details on the nature of the concerns raised by viewers.

Mr Wootton said on his show: ‘Blockages are a crass measure.

“Notice me, in the years to come we will find that they have caused far more death and devastation than the government has ever admitted.

“They should be removed from the public health manual forever.

“But tragically, apocalyptic scientists and public health officials have taken control.

“They are power junkies and the government has convinced its endless 15 month campaign of fear terrified the public enough to support the blockades. “

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